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Savings Account

The purpose of this product is to allow clients to save for investment or to raise capital. Savings Account is an interest-bearing account meant for all groups, individuals, associations, and companies. Customers are given passbooks from which they easily read and keep documented track of their current balances. Interests are calculated daily and applied at the end of every month.


  • ¢30GHC minimum operating balance
  • No monthly charges
  • SMS Notification(¢1 Monthly Charge  for Activation )
  • Passbook Issued (¢10GHC)
  • Savings Withdrawal Leaflet (¢20GHC)


  1. Account opening form duly filled
  2. 2 passport-sized pictures,(name & signature on reverse)
  3. Age requirement: Minimum 18 years old
  4. A valid national ID &Tin certificate (Passport/ Driver’s license/Voter’s ID/NIA card/SSNIT card)
  5. Residence permit & non-citizen card (where applicable)
  6. Employer introductory letter (where applicable)
  7. Utility bill (not older than six months)
  8. Mandatory initial deposit


  • Ease of accessing cash
  • Competitive interest rate
  • No restriction on withdrawal

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