Eligibility Criteria


The applicant shall satisfy the following condition (where applicable )

Group/Association/Corporate /Institutions 

  1. Must be a customer of the bank
  2. Must have active viable business /Form
  3. Must have registered with the appropriate Authorities. (eg District Assemble, Registrar General Department, etc)


The under listed basic information shall be placed on the credit file of every beneficiary of the bank’s Trading/Commercial Loan

  1. Application letter(printed)
  2. Resolution duly signed by the concerned persons (in the case of groups /associations / corporate loans)
  3. Guarantor’s form duly signed by both the guarantor and the applicant
  4. A valid national ID &Tin certificate (Passport/ Driver’s license/Voter’s ID/NIA card/SSNIT card) of both the applicant and guarantor
  5. An offer and acceptance letter (letter of Notification )

Duration of Loan