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Funeral Loans

Eligibility Criteria 

The  applicant shall satisfy the following criteria

  • Shall be 18 years and above with sound mind
  • Must be willing to become account holder of the bank. (i.e account can be opened on the same day to qualify)
  • Must be a member of the bereaved family
  • Must be a resident in the operational area of the bank


The under listed basic information shall be placed on the credit file of every funeral loan beneficiary

  • Application letter (printer/ hand written )
  • Evidence of death(e.g Death certificate Morgue chit etc
  • Resolution from the bereaved family
  • Guarantor’s form duly sign by both the guarantor and the applicant
  • identification (e.g Voter’s ID card) and passport picture of both the applicant and the guarantor (one of them should be a family member)
  • An offer and acceptance letter (Letter of Notification)

Loan Disbursement 

  • The applicant shall read and sign the notification to indicate his /her acceptance
  • The loan shall be disbursed into the applicant’s account

Duration of loan

Duration shall be two (2) weeks /three (3) days after the funeral


  • The Applicant shall provide personal guarantot
  • Any other security deem fit,


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