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Interbank Transfer

Below are the various interbanks Transfer service we have for our customers:

Is a domestic funds transfer product which enables the transfer of funds from one community to another using the network of rural/community banks.

GhIPSS Instant Pay (GIP) is a  Service that allow real time interbank account-to-account transfer . It allows funds to be sent across financial institutions electronically from one bank account to the other as a single immediate payment and can be used by both Businesses & Individuals for payments for goods & services.

A process of clearing cheques electronically at Bank both Rural Banks and Universals banks


It is an electronic payment network linking together all financial institutions.  It is used by individuals, businesses, financial institutions and governmental organizations.

TYPES of transfer

Direct Credit (DC), Direct Debit (DD) and Near Real Time (NRT)

GhanaPay is a mobile money service provided by rural Bank , universal banks, and savings and loans companies to individuals and businesses. It is like any mobile money service, but with additional banking services designed for your financial Needs.

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